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Daily maintenance and precautions of electric sightseeing car


Today, electric sightseeing vehicles have secured a foothold in the booming image of rapid development, and more and more people realize that their development history has also been recognized by the majority of people. According to Xiao Bian, the term “electric sightseeing bus” can be interpreted in a narrow sense. There are several kinds of interpretations: electric, which mainly provides electric power through the charged electricity to provide tourist vehicles; sightseeing, mainly in sightseeing areas. Popular and broadly interpreted as: electric tourist vehicles are mainly used to provide tourists as a means of transport in the tourist attractions in the tourist attractions to provide electricity as a driving force. It is so simple, convenient, eco-friendly and elegant in the process of using an electric sightseeing car . However, we must not forget to pay attention to how to maintain and pay attention to relevant matters in daily life.

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Now maria gives everyone a general idea of the daily maintenance and precautions of electric sightseeing cars . The main points are as follows:

(1)Before using, care should be taken to check whether the vehicle is in good condition, especially before providing it to passengers. A series of questions should also be taken into account, such as whether the front and rear brakes are sensitive, whether the tire pressure is sufficient, whether the screws are loose, and if the vehicle is loose. If the battery is fully charged, etc., it is mainly to ensure the safety of people and vehicles and to give passengers sufficient security in the process of sightseeing.

(2) When the vehicle is just starting up, it should be slowly accelerated, similar to the effect of slow preheating. During the process of running, the electricity and heat in the electric car are slowly converted into kinetic energy, which is avoided as much as possible through stronger buffering. In the event of a sudden acceleration, damage to the components occurs.

(3) Under the premise of ensuring safety, frequent starting and braking should be reduced during driving. This will not only increase a certain safety factor, but also save electric energy, which has the dual effects of environmental protection and energy saving. At the same time, it must be remembered that the speed control lever should be released when the vehicle is in motion. Only through such mutually relaxing functions, the material can avoid accidents that could damage the motor and other components during use.

(4) As the saying goes, "What are all good originals", so it should be noted that when charging, you should use a matching charger. Do not use other brand chargers as much as possible. Only special chargers can achieve the best. Charging effect.

In summary, only through joint implementation at every level and every level can we achieve the multiple functions of driving, running, and maintenance, so as to truly maintain the sightseeing electric vehicle in daily life.

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